๐ŸŽฎ 2020

This was the year I played all the Gears games (except Tactics), and thoroughly enjoyed them.

The ones with a โ™ฅ are highly recommended.

Gears 5

Again, an enjoyable game. Quite different from the classics but good in its own way.

Gears 2, Gears 3

Finished the remaining legacy Gears games during the 2020 year-end holidays. An excellent series from start to finish.

โ™ฅGears of War

Mindless fun. Thoroughly enjoyed playing this and now I intend to play through the rest of the series. Phenomenal weapons (the Hammer of Dawn, the Lancer), memorable boss fights.

Rage 2

I have a soft spot for this series so I liked it. I loved the post-apocalyptic world-design.

โ™ฅAssassin's Creed Odyssey

I've loved greek mythology all my life so this was an amazing experience. Very nice variety in play styles (ranger/warrior/assassin), and constant loots and upgrades made for a addictive gameplay loop. Side quest plots are pretty average.

Injustice 2

Kids loved it. Nice single player campaign, but a bit short.

Watch Dogs 2

It took me several attempts to get into this game. The open world is beautiful, and so is the satirical take on Silicon Valley. The part I struggled with was the annoying stealth gameplay. I truly started enjoying it only after switching my play style to a more aggressive mode.


An enjoyable game. I loved their stealth implementation (over other games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided). There were some truly thrilling moments during the game.