๐Ÿ’ญ Scepticism

I feel lucky to have grown up as the internet was starting out. I honed my debating skills in forums (talk.origins, James Randi's forum, and so on) and feel I have a pretty good bullshit detector thanks to that training.

Sometimes I get into arguments with people about some fairly interesting topics. Other times it's on stupid things they read on social media and swallow without a second thought. Here are some well written articles on interesting topics.

Behavioural Economics


People fear new technology. GMOs interest me because they stand on the thin line between fascinating technology and scary dystopia. I think they are a powerful tool for humanity and research in them should be encouraged.

Cell phone 'Radiation'

There's more of this going around these days, with some geniuses linking 5G towers to COVID-19.



There are fortunately no stupid people in my immediate community who are vaccine-averse.


Internet cranks