๐ŸŽฎ 2019 and before

I got my Xbox One in 2018 and it rekindled my love of gaming. Prior to this I had a few handhelds (Vita and 3DS) and played a bit on my PC.

The ones with a โ™ฅ are highly recommended.

Far Cry 4

Almost as good as 5. Better story as well. I think I like 5 more only because I played it first.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Fun game, great visuals and stealth sections. Little disappointed with the overall game. I can't put my hand to exactly what felt wrong.

โ™ฅFar Cry 5

Probably my favourite game on the console so far. Amazing open world, supports a lot of play styles, nice co-op AI partners.

โ™ฅRayman Legends

My kids love this. Exquisite level design & music. You can go back to this a hundred times and not get bored.

What I like most is that the levels are as easy and hard as you want them to be, unlike most platformers that are annoyingly hard.

Life is Strange

I felt a little old playing this, but it was worth completing. I really liked that the protagonist is into photography, and they spend a lot of effort in showing that passion beyond just the basics. It reminded me of the opening of Beyond Good and Evil where you just walk around taking photographs of animals.

I could sense the game manipulating me at the end towards a binary choice.

Gears of War 4

Like a Michael Bay movie. Fun diversion for a few hours.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Disappointing. Too much driving.


Lovely little gem of a game.

Watch Dogs

Pretty fun game except for the brooding protagonist.

โ™ฅTitanfall 2

Absolutely phenomenal single-player campaign. One of the few games I've gone back to and replayed. Constantly throws new things at you. And the movement in this game is just sublime.

โ™ฅRise of the Tomb Raider

Probably my favourite series. I have fond memories of playing Tomb Raider: Legend on my PS2. I love how vertical this whole game is.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

I wish they made more games like this. Phenomenal world designs. Sped through the last quarter of the game but what I loved most was exploring each planet in the early stages.


I'd played it earlier on PC and sped through the first part. Not a fan of the choice system, but enjoyable otherwise.

Homefront Revolution

Ignore the reviews, this is a fun game. Very nice tension where you're initially avoiding an overpowered enemy, and slowly instigating enough of a rebellion to tip the balance.

Halo 5

Decent single player campaign. Skipped the multiplayer bits. Had no idea what was going on story-wise, as I've never payed a Halo before.

Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare

Tolerable single player campaign. Titanfall 2 does this kind of thing a lot better.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Badly wanted to like this game, but didn't. I love the world and character design but really hated the gameplay. I felt like the smallest mistake in the stealth gameplay messed the entire level and didn't want to reload and replay each time I made a mistake. So I switched to a more lethal approach to finish the game.