How To Read A Book

By Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren

Reading this was a turning point for me. For a lifetime, I'd read anything that caught my interest: science fiction, evolutionary biology, classic literature and so on.

After reading far too many general science books, I started to realize that I'd hit a plateau, and was not learning anything new from them. I felt like I had to go deeper and analyze one of these subjects thoroughly, or wider, to learn something new.

And then I came across this book. How to Read a Book taught me to embrace difficult books. Life's too short, so why waste it reading trivial crap? It's better to go straight to the source and read the thoughts of our greatest thinkers the way they intended.


Here are some quotes from the book that I noted in my reading:

"Good books are over your head; they would not be good for you if they were not."

Reading List

And below is their recommended reading list.