๐ŸŽฎ 2024

Hellblade 2

No HUD, no map, no health bar, no power-ups, no levelling up. Just a pure, visceral, cinematic experience. Could never get into part 1 after multiple attempts. But this one hit the sweet spot.

โ™ฅBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Replay)

The second time I'm playing this gem. As good as I remember it. Highly recommended.


I'm a bit torn on Remedy games because I loved Quantum Break but couldn't finish Alan Wake. Anyway, Control is a lovely game with an excellent art style and atmosphere. I had to tone down the difficulty considerably to enjoy the game.. I did not have the patience to die-retry in the default difficulty. Recommended.

โ™ฅWasteland 3

Tried this on a whim after some frustrating battles in Baldur's Gate 3, and ended up absolutely loving it. A beautifully dark, cynical, funny dystopian setting with hard choices to make at every turn. The abilities are fun and having a good distribution across the team really makes things fun.