Welcome to my home page.

What's here

Commonly used commands are burned in my memory, but the less common ones (e.g. during bring up of a new box) are a pain to search for each time.

So here are notes I've collected over time on various things that interest me.

Tech Notes

One-liners for a variety of tools I use regularly.. Linux, openssl and so on.

Book Notes

I'm a voracious reader but I can't recollect stuff all that great. I'm trying to take notes for some books that are worthy of revisits.

Role Models

Some heroes that I look up to, in the tech and literary worlds mostly.

In Progress

Some in-progress notes topics of study.


See About for more about me. This site is built using the lovely MkDocs, a python-based static site generator. The content is written in markdown using GNU Emacs. It is hosted on NFSN.