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Welcome to my home page.

⬇️What's here

I read a lot of books but want to turn that into a more active hobby that ties into writing in some way. So you will find a list of books I've read, and reviews of some of them.

On the software side, I've collected some notes over time on various things that interest me. They're not burned in my memory like the Emacs/readline keybindings, so I've felt the need to dump them here.


Me and my books

Here is a list of books read per year, starting November 2019.

💻Tech Notes

One-liners for a variety of tools I use regularly.. Linux, openssl and so on.


Me and my games

Current-gen: I have an 🎮Xbox Series X

Here is a list of games played per year:

📺Other media


See About for more about me. This site is built using the lovely MkDocs, a python-based static site generator. The content is written in markdown using GNU Emacs. It is hosted on Cloudflare.

  • ☠️My Blog - I double commit my content here too because there's times when I liked wordpress (I can post my artwork there) and times when I like this mkdocs site. Structurally I like the garden-like feel of this site more than chronological format of a blog). Abandoned, at this point.

  • ☠️Asha's blog - My daughter's wordpress blog. She writes all the content, I just help with uploading images and post tagging/cateogorization.

  • ☠️Siddharth's blog - My son's wordpress. I help him with choosing titles and uploading pics, he figures out the rest.

  • Books I own, on LibraryThing and GoodReads.

  • Github Profile - Mostly this site and my dotfiles.

  • ☠️My Steam Profile - Not used much.

  • My TrueAchievements Profile - I'm not an achievement hunter but it tracks my Xbox progress quite well.

♻️Older Stuff


These pages are less up to date than others.


Here are some notes and links I've collected in topics that interest me. Several are works in progress: I'm yet to move my large collection of bookmarks to these sections. But this is an attempt to weave something from those saved links.

📝Book reviews

Some notes / reviews of books:

Here are notes on Oxford's Very Short Introduction To.. series.

📃Main page

... and abandoned after this brief start.

🦸Role Models

Some heroes that I look up to, in the tech and literary worlds mostly.