I like to experiment with different note taking systems. I used Emacs for the longest.. more than a decade at work. Plain text still has its appeal. These days I switch between tools like normal notebooks, OneNote, Evernote, Notion, Roam, and so on. As of this writing, OneNote seems to tick most of my boxes.

Earlier, I also used to hoard a lot of bookmarks. I did not seem to find any use with them. So now I try to distil the key thoughts in them into a paragraph or two. The pages on this site serves as an output for some of this research.

I also keep an eye on To do Apps. A combination of Google Calendar and MS To-do actually works well enough for me. I think most procrastination comes from fear: a fear of trying new things, of someone reprimanding you, and so on. So with a combination of introspection and time-boxing for my tasks, I tend to be reasonably productive at work.

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