Useful RPM/YUM commands

Sort RPMs by size

rpm -qa --queryformat '%{size} %{name}\n' | sort -rn | more

Extract rpm into current folder instead of installing:

rpm2cpio boost-system-1.53.0-23.el7.x86_64.rpm | cpio -idmv

Trace a binary or file to the RPM that installed it:

yum whatprovides /usr/lib64/

or this:

rpm -qf /usr/lib64/

Yum/dnf revert

If a yum remove wiped out several packages, do this:

  • dnf history # note the id of the bad removal here
  • dnf history undo 96

yum/dnf will reinstall all the packages that were removed in that id.

Dependencies of a package

This command shows what other packages need the queried package:

repoquery --whatrequires libunwind

Another way, without using repoquery:

rpm -q --whatrequires python-ipaddress

This command shows what other packages need to be installed for a queried package:

yum deplist nginx

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